This video shows Rusty testing Critter's Inflatable® life vest, and includes putting it on Rusty and adjusting the harnesses and how to rearm the life vest after automatic inflation. Click here to read the full review by Kelley at Critter Minute blog. Kelley has her own blog "Critter Minute" where she posts reviews and gives advice about high quality pet products including pet food, toys and other accessories.

This video shows Chico the Boat Dog Testing Critter's Inflatable® life jacket. Click here to read the full story by Vicki Lathom at Milliver's Travels. A writer and sailor for over 40 years, Vicki Lathom and her Sheltie, Chico, test the only inflatable life jacket for dogs currently on the market.

This video shows Pookie wearing a size small Critter's Inflatable® life jacket. This pet life jacket is a unique device for your dog or cat that will automatically inflate within ten seconds of the pet going into the water.

This video shows Hero, a Search and Rescue (SAR) dog, during a water training exercise. Just like their handlers, SAR dogs working from a boat need to wear a life jacket because they, too, can fall overboard. Search operations can last for long periods and having a bulky life jacket that is not comfortable will tire the dog. The Critter's Inflatable® is so comfortable, the SAR dog will forget he is wearing it.

This video shows Chardonnay wearing a size large Critter's Inflatable® life jacket. Chardonnay is one of the first dogs ever to wear a Critter's Inflatable® device. She loves the water but could never stay in long because she got too tired due to old age. This pet life jacket enables Chardonnay to swim effortlessly without getting fatigued.

This video shows Roxy in a swimming pool during a daily workout wearing her medium size Critter's Inflatable® life jacket.  With oral inflation this life jacket can be inflated without using up a rearm kit (12 gram CO2 cylinder and bobbin).  With the unique neck support provided by Critter's Inflatable® Roxy can now swim without ingesting pool water and then spitting it up.

This video shows owners of Critter's Inflatable® life jackets how they can quickly make a positive lock on all harness strap adjustments. This method of locking the harness straps is not covered in the owner's manual.